Too Little Too Late? Fauci Tries To Save Himself

Too Little Too Late? Fauci Tries To Save Himself

The walls CONTINUE to close in on Fauci.

The emails have come out, his book deal is done, and there are rumors flying around that The White House is done with him, and is looking for a way to remove Fauci in a clean way.

Now that Fauci appears to be nearing the end of his tenure; he is trying desperately to save his image somewhat.

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Sources say that Fauci is reportedly pressing China to release the medical records of Wuhan lab employees, so that we can get a clearer image of what happened pre 2020.

Did some of the workers in fact have Covid-19 in 2019 as some reports suggest?

Can we even trust China to give us real medical records and not falsified records? After all, if we learned one thing from this entire ordeal, it’s that we cannot trust China.

One thing is for sure: this is a move of desperation. This is the last attempt

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