'Too Late': Farage Criticises Open Borders While Britons Locked Down in Coronavirus Crisis


Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has criticised Prime Minister Boris Johnson for enforcing a lockdown for three weeks to halt the spread of coronavirus while the UK’s borders are still open to foreign travellers.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday night that the UK would go into enforced lockdown after reports of people ignoring the scientific advice to self-isolate to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The measures mean that more than two people who do not live together will not be able to congregate; Britons will only be allowed to leave the house for essential shopping and one form of exercise a day like going for a walk; and shops selling non-essential goods will close. These measures will be in place for at least three weeks and the police have to power to enforce the rules if people do not follow them.

After Mr Johnson made the statement, Mr

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