Tom Steyer Vows to Cancel Trump's Tariffs Against China ‘On the First Day’


Presidential hopeful Tom Steyer (D) said at the Democrat debate on Tuesday that he would end the tariffs that President Donald Trump has put in place to curb China’s unfair trade practices on the first day of his presidency if he is elected in 2020.

A CNN moderator said that even though farmers and manufacturers could see some relief from Trump’s trade deal with China, “they’ve been crushed by the current administration’s trade war,” asking Steyer, “What will you do as president to help them get back on their feet?”

“Look, on the first day I would undo Mr. Trump’s tariffs,” Steyer said. “On the first day I would get rid of his waivers … to oil refiners.”

Steyer agreed with his competitors on stage that Trump’s policies were benefiting corporations “not for the working people of America and not to protect the climate.”

Steyer said he was the only

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