Tokenization in Europe – Current State and Future Outlook

Tokenization in Europe – Current State and Future Outlook

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After the substantial rally of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, in recent months, it is time to take a detailed look at the current and future market development for tokenized assets. A joint study by Plutoneo and Tangany focuses in particular on Europe and its share of the global market capitalization of tokenized assets.

Comprehensive data for the security token market was collected, depicting the most precise statement for this category in Europe. The trend is clear – the underlying magic of blockchain and distributed ledger technology is advancing more and more. At this moment, the market for tokenized assets consists almost exclusively of cryptocurrencies. However, the future belongs to security tokens. We venture a look at when this will happen.

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Key assumptions

For this study, we analyzed the research conducted by third parties and combined it with data from relevant market participants. To calculate the market size for tokenized assets in Europe, the underlying

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