To The Perennially Butthurt Of America: Go Away

To The Perennially Butthurt Of America: Go Away

As an old(er) guy, it’s an effort to keep up with the slang slung by the youth of America.

But then there’s Urban Dictionary. It’s an online crowdsource dictionary for slang words and phrases, operating under the motto “Define Your World.” Every new word or phrase has a slew of definitions typed in by … anybody.

A not-so-new word, which I heard a while ago from my youngest child, is “butthurt.” It’s a really wonderful word with innumerable uses in the modern world, full of angry Karens and Kens (yes, Urban Dictionary decided that a male Karen is a “Ken”).

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One definition of butthurt on Urban Dictionary is: “a person who is highly sensitive over minor things.” Another: “Being passive aggressive, silent, awkward, mad, raging, usually done all

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