‘Time For Other States To Step Up’: Texas AG Explains Why The State Isn’t Accepting Refugees


Ken Paxton, the Republican attorney general of Texas, defended his governor’s decision to not accept refugees in 2020, noting that Texas has done more for refugees than any other state.

Paxton, who has served as the top lawyer for Texas since 2015, appeared on Fox News to discuss GOP Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to not accept refugees, becoming the first governor in the country to take up President Donald Trump’s offer. Much like the governor’s own statement, Paxton argued that Texas has taken in more refugees over the years than any other state, and it was time for other states to “step up.”

“I think the message is pretty simple from the governor. Since 2010, in the letter he makes it very clear, we’ve allowed more refugees into our state than any other state. All the time we’ve been believing that Congress would fix our immigration problems, secure the borders. They haven’t done that,” Paxton said Tuesday on “Fox & Friends.”

“So we also have the border issue that we’ve been dealing with lots of immigrants coming in. And I think the governor is saying, ‘Hey, one — Congress, fix this. Two — it’s time

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