Tim Graham: Time Magazine Officially Hates the American People

Tim Graham: Time Magazine Officially Hates the American People

Time magazine is a pale shadow of its former self, which might explain why it seems to hate the masses. After all, it spent most of 2016 packaging its ugly anti-Trump rants in between nasty anti-Trump covers.

Remember the cover where Donald Trump’s orange face melted into a puddle — because he was going to lose the election? Hence the ongoing rage.

In the Oct. 19 edition — with a quaint cover image of a menacing cloud of coronavirus being pumped out of some kind of smokestacks on the White House roof — Time promoted an article headlined “Age of Unlogic: The disorienting experience of interviewing voters who can choose their own reality.”

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Liberal journalists congratulate themselves for being on Team Reality and never seem to care that a big chunk of the public has decided they’re egotistical jerks.

The author is Charlotte Alter, daughter of old Newsweek scribe Jonathan Alter, who wrote two books glorifying former President Barack

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