TikTok Sparks Outrage For Censoring ‘Intersex’ Hashtag, Blames ‘Mistake’

TikTok Sparks Outrage For Censoring ‘Intersex’ Hashtag, Blames ‘Mistake’

TikTok attempted to explain away its latest apparent attempt to censor content regarding the LGBTQ+ community, describing its repeated removal of the “#intersex” hashtag as a “mistake.”

“Pidgeon Pagonis, an intersex activist, noticed last week that the #intersex hashtag wasn’t working on TikTok. They couldn’t click the tag on one of their own posts and trying to search for intersex pulled up a ‘null’ page,” reported The Verge. “This was the second time Pagonis noticed the tag disappearing, and they worried that TikTok had banned it just as they were about to start a series of celebratory videos called Intersex Joy.”

According to this TikTok user and The Verge, this form of censorship “follows the historical mistreatment of intersex people.”

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“My community is erased with a scalpel, and with words and linguistics, but this time they’re literally erasing the word,” said Pagonis.

According to The Verge, TikTok claimed that “in both of the instances Pagonis noticed, the tag had been removed by mistake

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