Throne of Lies: A Real Expert Destroys Medias latest Myth About Coronavirus Treatment & The President


This week the media has tried to create a new myth/controversy between the President of the United States Donald Trump and Dr. Fauci. On Wednesday Dr. Fauci was asked a very specific question and it blew the media’s myth right out of the water.

The media was claiming that Dr. Fauci disagrees with the President over the use of the Malaria drug hydroxychloroquine and that it could be used as an option for people suffering from COVID-19. Here’s a great example, below is a screenshot of news about Dr. Fauci from the mainstream media. I don’t believe for one-second aides to the president talk to the New York Times that is completely fake news. 

On Tuesday during an interview on 990AM in Philadelphia talk show host Chris Stigall asked Dr. Fauci, “If you’re a doctor listening to me right now and a patient with coronavirus feels

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