Thousands Of Vehicles Join Trump Road Rally In Philadelphia Suburb

Thousands Of Vehicles Join Trump Road Rally In Philadelphia Suburb

Thousands of vehicles participated in a Trump Road Rally on Saturday afternoon in a Philadelphia suburb.

An estimated 6,700 vehicles joined the Bikers, Cars and Truckers 4 Trump Road Rally according to a Facebook post from the event’s organizer.

Pennsylvania’s First District ‘People4Trump’ Political Action Committee’s Jim Worthington organized the road rally in Newtown, Pennsylvania with help from Linda Mitchell, according to People4Trump’s official website. 

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“We’re fighting for America. We’re fighting for the soul of America…even those people that hate us…we’re fighting for them,” said Worthington in a kick-off speech at the event.

“Hey, this could be a long day,” Worthington said. “But if it gets us a hundred extra votes, a thousand extra votes, five extra votes…44,000 votes made the difference last time. Who the hell knows if this doesn’t make the difference this time.”

“We wanted people to feel like they’re not alone in their support for Donald Trump,” Linda Mitchell told the Daily Caller News Foundation, echoing Worthington’s sentiments.

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The road rally passed through Doylestown where a local Women’s March event was held at the same time as larger Women’s March demonstrations in Washington, D.C. and other cities nationwide, according to

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