This Woman May Be the Best Government Teacher in America

This Woman May Be the Best Government Teacher in America

For decades, America’s kids have been intellectually ripped off by an education system bent on propagating ignorance and division rather than the responsible civic knowledge and critical thinking skills so vital to maintaining a free and stable society.

Take millennials, for example. According to a 2019 report by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, 70 percent of these young adults said they would likely vote socialist. Few things sound more foolish.

If you value America’s principles of freedom, then get serious about preserving them before it’s too late. As a teacher, I impact my students’ perspective about constitutional realities and how these realities personally affect them. Through the unique lens of private ownership, students see the light.

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I often divide my students into two imaginary groups, those who received an “A” in my class and those who “failed.” “We’re going to ‘redistribute’ grades so that everyone is equal,” I announce. “Each of you now has a C in the

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