This Victorian Mansion Cost Only $10 – But There Was a Catch

This Victorian Mansion Cost Only $10 – But There Was a Catch

If ever there was a lesson to Tom Hanks’ 1986 classic movie “Money Pit,” it was that a gorgeous mansion on the market for a reasonable price usually comes with a huge catch.

It seems buyers in Montclair, New Jersey, took that lesson to heart.

When an approximately 4,000-square-foot Victorian mansion hit the market in 2017 for only $10, no one jumped at the deal.

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With no one willing to purchase the property, demolition of the mansion began in mid-May 2018, according to

In its place now stands a cluster of eight single-family homes called “The Collection.”

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So why were buyers not sold on the mansion’s price?

This is a great example of why it’s important to have a lawyer help read the fine print. 🙂

“So when a

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