This New $400,000,000 Altcoin Project Is ‘Mind-Blowing,’ According to Coin Bureau

This New $400,000,000 Altcoin Project Is ‘Mind-Blowing,’ According to Coin Bureau

The founder of the popular crypto outlet Coin Bureau is analyzing an altcoin that just debuted on the market with a massive $400,000,000 market cap.

Mina Protocol (MINA), which launched at the start of the month, is a project crypto investors should keep their eyes on, according to Coin Bureau’s pseudonymous host, who goes by the name Guy.


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Guy tells his 1 million YouTube subscribers that the lightweight blockchain has some of the best tech in the space.

Mina, unlike other blockchains, aims to remain one finite size forever, adapting and growing without taking up any more data.

“Mina Protocol may be the world’s lightest blockchain, but it has some of the heaviest tech you can have in cryptocurrency. Wrapping your head around zero-knowledge proofs is not easy. And the fact that Mina uses an even more advanced version of that makes it an objectively hard project for the average person to understand. Mina’s blockchain is 22 kilobytes in size

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