This Is Why Ethereum Could Flip Bitcoin, According to Coin Bureau

This Is Why Ethereum Could Flip Bitcoin, According to Coin Bureau

The popular crypto trader and host of Coin Bureau is outlining why he thinks Ethereum (ETH) has a chance to reach a larger market capitalization than Bitcoin (BTC).

In a new video, the pseudonymous analyst known as Guy tells his 1.17 million subscribers that the decentralized finance (DeFi) space has the potential to attract a stampede of investors looking for yields that are superior to traditional financial instruments.


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Given that DeFi is largely dependent on Ethereum, the analyst says the possible surge in adoption of decentralized finance protocols could fuel ETH toward becoming the biggest crypto on the market. He says the potential trigger could be Ethereum and other smart contract platforms going through their expected upgrades to become cheaper and more efficient.

“Once these upgrades go through, the demand for these smart contract cryptocurrencies is going to go through the roof for one reason: DeFi. The yields you can find on even the most vanilla DeFi protocols

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