This Eerie Ethereum Fractal Suggests The Top Is In… For Now

This Eerie Ethereum Fractal Suggests The Top Is In… For Now

Once Bitcoin finally began to cool off, capital began to flow into Ethereum causing an enormous breakout. The rapid rise took the altcoin to an over 50% increase in just two days, but a selloff stopped the token’s booming trend in its tracks.

Crypto is bullish, and more upside cannot be ruled out. But a fractal that closely mimics the rise the altcoin experienced from 2018 to 2019 has been discovered. And if the fractal acts as a roadmap of what to expect, the top might be in for the time being.

Fractal Found On Ethereum Charts Could Lead To Correction

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The cryptocurrency market is bullish once again, thanks to Bitcoin breaking its former all-time high and recapturing the attention and capital of speculators everywhere.

Institutions now realize the potential that the ultra-scarce asset has, and it has caused the high-wealth investor class to consider which other cryptocurrencies might have a similar value proposition.

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