“They’re gonna teach children to hate each other”...Florida Parents Fight Back Against Critical Race Theory

“They’re gonna teach children to hate each other”…Florida Parents Fight Back Against Critical Race Theory

Parents let the local school board have it when the “Equity Statement” they released claimed there is “white advantage” in “structures” that “need to be dismantled.” They are trying to implement critical race theory (CRT) in the classrooms and the school district. This is happening all over the U.S., with parents who are waking up to make an effort to stop the CRT program from creeping into their schools.

Palm Beach County, Florida parents, are the latest to push back in a big way. NEWSMAX  reports that the parents struggle with the school board over an “Equity Statement” and CRT in the classroom. A statement from the school district claimed there is a “white advantage” in “structures” that “should be dismantled.” One parent, Bryan Rudnick, is looking at his options and wants to keep pushing to eliminate the CRT agenda from Palm Beach schools:

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Keep pushing, Mr. Rudnick!

Other school boards have been in the hot

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