There’s No ‘Option’ In Democrats’ ‘Public Option’ Health-Care Plan

There’s No ‘Option’ In Democrats’ ‘Public Option’ Health-Care Plan

The Congressional Budget Office recently released a report outlining potential design considerations for a so-called “public option for health insurance” on the exchange, an online service where individuals and small businesses can choose insurance plans. CBO said the proposal’s “effect on the total number of people without health insurance would be relatively small.” Yet advocates on the left still view it as a lynchpin of their strategy to take over the health-care sector.

As Rahm Emanuel famously opined, Democrats never want to let a serious crisis go to waste. Instead, they would use the coronavirus and their razor-thin congressional majorities to enact policies further entrenching government-run health care.

Not A Level Playing Field

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As did a past report on single-payer health care, the CBO report hedges its bets on eventually constructing a government-run health plan. Discussing various design considerations, it uses the word “would” 427 times, “could” 156 times, and “if” well more than 100 times in the span

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