There Is No GOP Civil War

There Is No GOP Civil War

In the film “Wag The Dog,” Robert De Niro plays a political fixer who produces a fake war to save a president from a scandal. In one seminal scene, William H. Macy plays a CIA operative who tells De Niro’s character that there is no war. But the fixer has an answer; he says of course there is a war, because he is watching it on TV. We find ourselves in a similar place on  the supposed Republican civil war in the wake of the non-leftist Capitol riot.

Let’s be perfectly clear: there is no civil war in the GOP, no major schism, no two sides battling for control of the party of Lincoln. Poll after poll shows us that Republican voters overwhelmingly see Donald Trump as the leader of the party. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Rep. Liz Cheney’s hopes that voters would abandon Trump have been dashed on the cliffs of reality.

So why is the

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