There Is No Future For A Liz Cheney GOP

There Is No Future For A Liz Cheney GOP

The most successful aspect of election efforts in 2020 is indisputable: It’s Kevin McCarthy and the House Republicans. That’s not something you can argue against. Look at the scoreboard. In an election where all the smart people said they would lose seats, they didn’t just gain, they gained significantly. They did this through smart recruiting, wise expenditures, and by hitting the right political tone in a very challenging cycle.

Mitch McConnell and the Senate leadership team did not do this. Ultimately, their people were proven wrong in their predictions, both in anticipating disaster in November and then in projecting arrogant confidence that the 600 vs. 2,000 thing wouldn’t hurt them in the Georgia runoffs. I was told their ground game was excellent, and it would do the job. Instead, both candidates lost by enough that you can’t even blame it on a Trump beef with the secretary of state or, even more ludicrously — looking at you, AEI folks

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