“There is a Backlash Coming...” [Video]

“There is a Backlash Coming…” [Video]

In an interview with Bret Baier, longtime Fox News correspondent Brit Hume noted the “backlash” that is coming throughout America surrounding the pernicious anti-American Critical Race Theory (CRT) being taught in  America.

It has infected American schools, government institutions, and corporations training recent generations of people to hate white skin color, American ancestry, and America itself in order to divide the country and conquer it from the inside.

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The backlash, though, has already begun, as parents and students in many locations are standing up and ousting the Marxists and anti-American teachers, curricula, and school board members in their cities that are responsible for these teachings in self-hatred.  Idaho was the latest to ban the practice.

But, in order to truly affect change however, millions more Americans must do the same.  Parents must become more active and retake their school boards and local governments with American values, rather than the corrupt mindset of CRT.

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