The Worst Lying Bully In The 2020 Presidential Race Is Joe Biden

The Worst Lying Bully In The 2020 Presidential Race Is Joe Biden

Joe Biden (or more likely, his staff) recently took to Twitter to push out the passive-aggressive proclamation: “You deserve a president who tells you the truth.” Without reflection, the media regurgitated the Democratic presidential candidate’s talking point, helping the Biden campaign market its “character counts” theme.

While the right is accustomed to the corporate media’s double-standards when reporting on Republican and Democratic Party politicians, this latest example is emblematic of the reality that in this election cycle the media’s bias has jumped from merely slanting stories for their preferred candidate: The corporate press’s election coverage this year moves it squarely into the position of propaganda.

With nary an exception, every Trump tweet prompts criticism, fact-checks, or both from the hostile media. But when Biden’s team, in effect, calls the president a liar, there is no chastisement for incivility or claims the presidential wannabe is dividing the country. Rather, the press uses Biden’s tweet as a hook for

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