The US Now Has Its First ‘Abortion-Free’ State

The US Now Has Its First ‘Abortion-Free’ State

Missouri has become the nation’s first “abortion-free” state after its last remaining abortion facility stopped terminating pregnancies, according to Operation Rescue.

Reproductive Health Services Planned Parenthood in St. Louis was the last abortion facility in Missouri, the pro-life activist organization said in a post on its website Jan. 5.

“It remains open, but Operation Rescue has confirmed that no abortion appointments have been available there for months, and none are available anytime in the foreseeable future,” wrote Cheryl Sullenger, senior vice president of Operation Rescue.

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Abortion appointments are referred to a Planned Parenthood facility across the Mississippi River in Illinois.

RHS Planned Parenthood recently won a licensing battle with Missouri after the state Department of Health and Senior Services found the facility to be unsafe and out of compliance with state abortion regulations.

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After the facility

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