The Truth Behind The Texas Blackouts: It’s Basic Math

The Truth Behind The Texas Blackouts: It’s Basic Math

On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Founder and Executive Director of Power The Future Daniel Turner joins Senior Editor Chris Bedford to discuss how failures in the government-induced wind sector of the Texas energy grid contributed to the state’s unfurling power crisis.

“Everyone wants to be able to say, ‘It’s because of you that this all happened,’ and that’s just not possible. There are multiple factors that added up together to cause what happened and is happening right now in Texas,” Turner explained. “The biggest underlying delta of what happened in the past as opposed to what happened now is this mandate, this on-high, government knows better, ‘We are going to tell you, this is what percentage of the electric grid has come from.’ Why does the government feel they have to do this to us?”

When it works, Turner said, green energy can be useful. The problem, he said, is that wind power and other

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