The Transgender Movement Is Depriving Children of Stable Families

The Transgender Movement Is Depriving Children of Stable Families

Many in today’s culture applaud when an individual chooses to identify as the opposite gender.

But the media and pop-culture portrayal of transgenderism as the ultimate form of human freedom does not tell the whole story. As a result, the ripple effects of an individual’s decision to identify as transgender are often ignored.

Those on the outside who celebrate the transition rarely have to live with its aftermath. But a transgender individual’s relatives — their children, for instance — may be forced to cope with the sudden disruption of their family’s dynamic.

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Why Children Need a Mother and a Father

Children rely on their parents to provide them with a stable home until they come of age. As they mature, kids look to their mothers and fathers to impart unique wisdom based on the gendered role each parent fulfills in their lives.

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