The Top Blockchain Launches to Watch in Q2

The Top Blockchain Launches to Watch in Q2

The first quarter of 2021 brought many new exciting updates to the blockchain industry. Over a half-billion dollars worth of NFTs were transacted, nearly $50 billion was locked in various DeFi protocols, and mainstream adoption exploded with the likes of VISA, Tesla, and other institutions actively participating in the market. Without question, one of the driving factors to this growth was the consistent innovation emerging from blockchain and DeFi-specific startups.

As we look towards the future, these innovative startups are going to be at the forefront of global adoption by helping solve challenges like scalability, liquidity, and safety. On the consumer side, we are starting to see dApps with real use cases and traction arise. The following list represents some of the most promising companies and their respective launches scheduled in Q2.


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