The Terrible Truth About Certain Disposable Masks

The Terrible Truth About Certain Disposable Masks

Are you tired of all the nonsense?

I think most of my fellow patriots are. There has been so much misinformation and fake news about the virus and everything related to masks.

Some people are now wearing two masks!

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Two masks that may be full of potentially harmful graphene particles.

Graphene particles that people are breathing in; if they are wearing certain brands of these disposable masks.

We have been misled yet again ladies and gentlemen. We are once again being told to listen to ‘experts’ who did not know about this graphene issue from the outset.

Take a look:

Health Canada issued an advisory and asked distributors to recall face masks that contain graphene or biographene, citing potential inhalation risks. @MaryFernando_ another one for your ecosystem…help needed.

— Sharmini Fernando (@SharminiFernan3) April 3, 2021

a year of covid in canada 996,000 cases and 23,000 deaths & I don’t recall

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