The RNC's fight for election integrity

The RNC's fight for election integrity

Ever since Democrats began using the pandemic as an excuse to make wholesale changes to election laws, including stripping ballot security safeguards, our party has been preparing to protect the vote.

Since Election Day, we have collected more than 400 signed affidavits citing voting irregularities, and more than 12,000 incident reports have been filed. It is clearer than ever that there is a battle to be waged, and for the sake of the integrity of this and future elections, it is a battle we must win.

We are fighting to ensure that every lawfully cast vote is counted and that we get the honest and transparent election to which we are all entitled.

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The inconvenient truth for Democrats is that the left-wing media and censors in Silicon Valley are not the ones who will get to decide the election’s outcome. There are very real and open questions about the honesty and transparency of this election that still

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