The RNC Plan To Combat Future Election Fraud

The RNC Plan To Combat Future Election Fraud

NEVER again!

We should aim to NEVER have a rehash of the 2020 election ever again.

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Hundreds of millions of dollars coming from private ‘donors’, election laws changing last minute, and mail-in voting schemes are just terrible, terrible practices.

While I am on this, can we also get some voter ID requirements? President Trump said it, and I am saying it here: even Mexico uses voter ID.

The RNC will hopefully be able to combat all of this with a new election integrity committee they are looking to start.

Hopefully, this committee makes 2020 a one time event…..

Take a look:  

RNC CHAIRWOMAN: The RNC will "play a crucial role in restoring confidence in our elections"

She also announced the formation of a "RNC Committee on Election Integrity"

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) February 17, 2021

SCGOP Chairman @DrewMcKissick has been appointed to serve on the RNC's Election Integrity Committee.

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