The Numbers are In: Biden’s Speech Viewership Tanks...And He Got 81 Million Votes?

The Numbers are In: Biden’s Speech Viewership Tanks…And He Got 81 Million Votes?

A record low number of viewers viewed Joe Biden’s speech to a sparsely populated group in Congress last night. The first report on viewership showed just over 11 million viewers, and the second number over 7 networks was 22.6 million viewers. Ouch!

And this guy got 81 million votes? No way!

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Comparing numbers from President Trump’s years in office makes the numbers even more glaringly bad:

Joint Session Address ratings:

TRUMP 2017— 48M
TRUMP 2018— 46M
TRUMP 2019— 46.8M
TRUMP 2020— 37.2M
BIDEN 2021— 11.6M

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) April 29, 2021

President Trump had 48 million viewers watching his first Joint Session speech!

Benny made a great point. Where are all these Biden supporters???

You'd think some of those +80 million Biden voters* would have showed up to listen to the most popular president in history give his first big speech.

Incredible how these 80 million Americans* never show on ratings, rallies, YouTube live feeds, boat parades, whatever

Ya there?

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