The New Epidemic: ‘Exhausted’ Journalists Who Literally Can’t Even

The New Epidemic: ‘Exhausted’ Journalists Who Literally Can’t Even

Just as we begin to round the corner of the coronavirus pandemic, another contagious affliction seems to be spreading. The trend is “exhaustion” and “burnout,” and it appears to have a higher infection among our elite journalist and media class.

Patient zero was two reporters at the Texas Tribune who announced on the same day, at the same time, in late March that they would be quitting their “extraordinarily intense” jobs in news media. They had worked at the Tribune for less than one year before deciding they couldn’t fight the fatigue any longer.

The endless work of reporting news “means there’s no time to process, so everything deepens, compounds, repeats,” said Millie Tran, chief product officer at the Texas Tribune. Stacy-Marie Ishmael, editorial director at the Tribune, said she was also “burned out” after “operating at a relentless and breakneck pace.”

So: I’m taking a break. I’m stepping down from @TexasTribune, where I’ve spent the last year

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