The Narrative Surrounding Ma’Khia Bryant Collapses

The Narrative Surrounding Ma’Khia Bryant Collapses

Are we going to have a situation like this everyday?

It is no secret that the MSM is aching for a new story well after President Trump left The White House their ratings tanked.

Now they need something else to harp on, and I guess police shootings are exactly what they are going to focus on.

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We all know that the media loves to create controversy and hysteria….after all, fear sells right?

The thing about the media is that they always ignore facts which are convenient for them to ignore, and my bet is that this time will be no different.

Here is the latest on the story:

Wow CNN isn’t going with the “the cop should have let her stab the girl” take. Interesting

— CURE (@CureHipHop) April 22, 2021

The news media is screwing up the reporting around Ma'Khia Bryant because it has moved away from focusing

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