The Media Hasn’t Told You The Truth About Tinslee Lewis’s Fight For Her Life


Texas’ 10-day “Futile Care” rule has come under fire again as doctors have determined further treatment for 11-month-old baby Tinslee Lewis, who was born with Ebstein’s Anomaly, a congenital heart defect, is futile.

Tinslee has spent her entire life at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. Her mother would like to bring her home. This would require Cook’s cooperation, a transfer to a long-term care facility, and eventually home health providers.

Instead of working toward this goal, in November, the ethics committee of Cook Children’s Hospital informed Tinslee’s family that doctors will discontinue the care they’d given her since birth. Tinslee’s family has pushed back, and the court battle has been ongoing ever since. The case is now at a standstill, with both parties filing motions they hope will bolster their positions.

Trinity Lewis Tells a Different Story Than the Media

After multiple news outlets shared the hospital’s view of Tinslee’s poor quality of life, her mother, Trinity

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