The Media Has Completely Ignored Hunter Biden’s Use Of The ‘N-Word’

The Media Has Completely Ignored Hunter Biden’s Use Of The ‘N-Word’

More than a year after a “racial reckoning” following George Floyd’s death has seen numerous people lose their livelihood after misspeaking on matters of race, virtually the entire legacy media have ignored reports that Hunter Biden repeatedly used the n-word.

Text messages from Hunter Biden’s phone, recovered from a laptop he left at a Delaware repair shop, reportedly show the president’s son calling his lawyer, George Messires, by the term “n***a.”

Hunter Biden made the references in December 2018 and January 2019, telling Messires, “true dat n***a,” “OMG n***a,” and using shorter variations of the term during playful banter with the attorney, who reportedly charges $845 an hour.

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Biden also shared a meme that showed his father, now President Joe Biden, calling Barack Obama “my n***a.”

In another exchange, Hunter Biden told Messires, who is white, “I only love you because you’re black.”

Messires replies, “It’s so annoying when you interject with frivolity.”

Hunter Biden also made sporadic references to his penis and described God

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