The Libertarian Argument Against Big Tech Censorship

The Libertarian Argument Against Big Tech Censorship

One thing that has unified the entire modern conservative movement is the notion of resisting tyranny. Some on the libertarian right see such tyranny in the form of an authoritarian, socialist government. Others have asserted that the biggest tyrannical threat our Republic faces is posed by the power of corporate entities, particularly those technology monopolies in Silicon Valley engaged in censorship. There’s no doubt both are threats to our nation of ordered liberty, but the central question is which of these is the greater threat?

Following the censorship of President Trump on Twitter and the collusion between Apple, Google, and Amazon against the social media platform, Parler, it seems that the greater, present threat comes from the monopolies. Specifically, those willing and eager to strip away our fundamental right of free expression, even from the leader of the free world. Their actions didn’t just demonstrate their power over the President of the United States, nor were they the result

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