The Legacy Media Finally Discover Antifa’s Violence

The Legacy Media Finally Discover Antifa’s Violence

More than a year after mass protests ripped through the nation, destroying businesses, homes and churches and doing an inestimable amount of damage on whole neighborhoods, the legacy media have discovered that not all anti-police protests are “mostly peaceful.”

On Monday, The Washington Post ran a story that announced, “Anarchists and an increase in violent crime hijack Portland’s social justice movement.”

That prescient insight comes a mere 10 months after Fox News reported, “Legitimate protests, message ‘hijacked by anarchists.’” In the story, which ran last August 18, Sgt. Brent Maxey of the Portland Police Bureau revealed nothing more than what network cameras and social media footage had long captured: Antifa rioters regularly pelted police with projectiles and tried to torch a federal courthouse during a spree of looting, vandalism, and violence that stretched on for months.

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Again last August, the conservative publication reported on “How white radicals hijacked Portland’s protests.”

WaPo’s rude awakening about the nature of Portland’s “protests” also lagged significantly

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