The Left’s Religious Faith In False ‘Science’ Echoes Soviet Corruption

The Left’s Religious Faith In False ‘Science’ Echoes Soviet Corruption

While he’s not alone, credit to The Guardian’s Thomas Frank for being honest he was one of the many who rolled eyes at the rubes and scolded the “Trumpists” and “deluded” Fox viewers. Charting his journey from a skeptic to considering the COVID lab-leak hypothesis, “The answer is that this is the kind of thing that could obliterate the faith of millions,” Frank writes.

“My own complacency on the matter was dynamited by the lab-leak essay that ran in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists earlier this month,” he continues, “a few weeks later everyone from Doctor Fauci to President Biden is acknowledging that the lab-accident hypothesis might have some merit.”

After a year of legacy media blaming “populism,” and “science-denying” incompetent leaders, it’s now becoming clear that “science” itself is responsible for one of the worst mass deaths in human history. Frank laments:

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Now the media is filled with disturbing stories suggesting that COVID-19 might have come not

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