The Left Shouldn’t Get Away With Constant Flopping

The Left Shouldn’t Get Away With Constant Flopping

The worst part of soccer is the acting. The game is blighted each time a player dives to try to draw a penalty or flops around in fake agony to milk the clock.

The problem is not confined to soccer. Basketball, for instance, also has notorious floppers. Although Americans tend to despise floppers, our political and cultural discourse increasingly consists of people taking dives.

A case in point is the response to a hypothetical posed by Michael Brendan Dougherty of National Review. Dougherty wondered what the reaction might be if, instead of critical race theory, it was “the ‘new natural law’ theory that had escaped its obscurity from law schools and started gaining adherents throughout the high places in corporate America and educational systems.”

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In response to this unlikely hypothetical, Yale University’s Jason Stanley dramatically dove to the metaphorical turf, clutching at his intersectionalities and declaring, “The call to replace CRT by ‘natural law’ is a dogwhistle to white

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