The Left Is A Death Cult And Its ‘Compassion’ Is Killing People

The Left Is A Death Cult And Its ‘Compassion’ Is Killing People

The Left is a death cult. And not surprisingly, it’s killing people.

My husband would always say this in the early stages of our relationship. At first, I thought he was being hyperbolic or exaggerating. Then as we talked about it at a deeper level, and I considered more thoughtfully the issues in which the Left engages, I found what he said to not only be true, but not in any way exaggerated. 

In everything that the Left pushes—they celebrate, advertise, and encourage death.

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Take our ‘nice’ neighbors in Canada, who increasingly foreshadow where progressives in America are heading. One of the leading causes of death in Canada is euthanasia.

The Left originally pitched, as they always do, euthanasia as ‘compassionate’ legislation. They didn’t want people to die in

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