The Latest ‘Mandalorian’ Episode Gives Clues To A Skywalker Saga Secret

The Latest ‘Mandalorian’ Episode Gives Clues To A Skywalker Saga Secret

(warning: spoilers ahead)

In this week’s adventures of Mando and Baby Yoda, the pair stop off to see some old friends, get their ship repaired, and hint at a much bigger mystery from the main Skywalker Saga movies.

In desperate need of real repairs on the Razor Crest, and after realizing that Baby Yoda may be a Force wielder, but he is not a ship’s mechanic, our titular hero and his little green companion stop by their old stomping grounds on Nevarro for some much-needed repairs. Like most of the “Star Wars” galaxy though, Nevarro is changing.

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They land to find that Mando’s old boss Greef Karga and his friend Kara Dune have cleaned up the planet once dominated by bounty hunters and bars. It’s now a respectable little settlement, or at least is trying to be. Dune is the Marshall of the place, and Karga the administrator. They’ve even roped the first mark we ever

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