The Inaros Family Steals The Show On Episode Seven Of ‘The Expanse’

The Inaros Family Steals The Show On Episode Seven Of ‘The Expanse’

Warning: spoilers ahead for episode seven of season five of “The Expanse.”

After this week’s episode of “The Expanse,” there are only three episodes left. If you’ve just found out about the best sci-fi show on television, you can catch my recaps here.

The seventh episode of the season is perhaps the most character-driven episode of season five. While we get a few brief scenes of Alex and Bobbie joking around, then notifying Holden that Marco has assembled a navy of various powerful Martian warships, there are really only two plotlines to follow.

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The Rocinante attempts to find and intercept the Zmeya, the OPA ship that carries the protomolecule stolen from Fred Johnson earlier in the season. We get some fine scenes with Monica, as Holden spills the beans to her that his crew had a golden opportunity to destroy the last known sample of protomolecule before Naomi handed it to Fred in an act of Belter loyalty.

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