The History of DeFi Revised: Marnotaur NFT Collection Public Launch Date Set for October 4th

The History of DeFi Revised: Marnotaur NFT Collection Public Launch Date Set for October 4th

PRESS RELEASE. Right after the Marnotaur DeFi leverage platform announced the extremely quickly completed of its Marnotaur NFT collection presale, the team announced that the collection would go public. The date for the sale has been set for October 4th on the official website and there are expectations in the community that it will not last long. In this article, you get a look at the design, utility and sustainability of the collection’s tokenomics model.

Created by NFT256, inspired by Bullish DeFi Cycle (which will bring BTC to $100,000)

The first release of the Marnotaur NFT collection contains 2,775 uniquely designed creatures – Marnotaurs. The collection is issued in squadrons of 555 NFTs. Every NFT is designed and created by members of the renowned artistic community – NFT256. This group unites talented people from all over the world, artists who are interested in modern technology but are still in love with art. NFT256 artists collaborate with the best crypto projects, making exclusive NFT art available to millions of people.

The collective created thousands of individual NFTs for the Marnotaur project and the team endowed them with a variety of traits and features, diversifying the rarity of each single NFT. When you buy this NFT, you are actually buying an embryo. A short time after, a Marnotaur is born from the embryo and until that moment, the rarity, appearance and traits of each Marnotaur remains a mystery, impossible to predict. The distribution of tokens is made entirely on a random basis and the team is considering using the Chainlink randomizer for this purpose in the future. As a VIP option, the Marnotaur team will offer users the chance to customize their NFT with their own facial and body features. These upgrades will increase the Marnotaur’s rarity, pumping up its price.

Inside the Marnotaur NFT Collection

Financial benefits for Marnotaur NFT owners

Royalties from secondary market sales

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To participate in this profit sharing campaign, users need to hold a Marnotaur NFT and some $TAUR tokens (a minimum equivalent of $500). If you comply with these conditions, you are eligible for the distribution of royalties, which is 50% of all the collected royalties from secondary market sales on OpenSea.

Price increase with every new emission

The emission of NFTs belonging to the Marnotaur collection is divided

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