The Freight Train of Audits is Traveling Across the Country!

The Freight Train of Audits is Traveling Across the Country!

The mainstream media has been obsessed with the nationwide audits.

However, they fail to cover any actual news about it!

Bannon’s War Room has been on the frontline of coverage for the 2020 election fraud.

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On Wednesday, the special assistant to President Trump Boris Epshteyn talked with Steve Bannon about the state of the audits. 

He says the freight train of all audits is traveling across the country! 

Epshteyn is quick to point out all the states with audits: Arizona, Georgia, Pennslyvania, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin.

Then he concludes with calling out the fake news media, saying:

To all those on CNN/MSNBC who are absolutely obsessed with story, here’s my message. You’re right, you should be obsessed with this story. Because this is the biggest political earthquake in the history of the United States of America.

You have to watch the whole interview yourself to understand how invigorating the freight train audit is!

Epshteyn shares so much truth

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