The Fourth Amendment Is Safe….For Now

The Fourth Amendment Is Safe….For Now

Illegal search and seizure is still a crime.

I remember watching an old CPAC conference from about 5 years ago, and I remember this being a topic of discussion.

It made my heart happy that Conservatives were holding law enforcement accountable, and not just blindly supporting them in everything they do.

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People have to remember that these officers are an extension of the state, and they have been the main enforcers of tyranny many, many times over.

When people show up to take your guns they won’t be volunteers……they’re going to be law enforcement officers. When unconstitutional Covid regulations are levied, guess who is doing the enforcing?

According to reports, SCOTUS has protected The Fourth Amendment, which guarantees Americans safety from illegal search and seizure.

This is WONDERFUL news, because SCOTUS has made some not so great decisions lately, and I was beginning to think they had kind of abandoned the whole Constitution thing.

Statism keeps growing in our

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