The ‘Firefighter Trump Prophet’ is Back With New Trump Prophecies!

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My two favorite interviews of anyone is Dr. Dave Janda and Mark Taylor.

And they both routinely go on Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog show.

If you don’t know Mark Taylor, you really have to check him out!

He’s the “Firefighter Trump Prophet” because he is a former firefighter who started writing down these prophecies he says God gave him, as early as 2011.  

And most were about Trump.

And many have already came to pass!

In fact, he was one of the first to prophesy that Donald Trump would not only run for President (when everyone thought it was a joke) but actually win!

Since then, he’s had many more prophecies come to pass, and they actually discuss all of those on this interview to prove he’s the real deal.

And folks, I’m hear to tell you I’ve been following Taylor for years as he made these prophecies and many seemed impossible or even weird when he said

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