The Failure Of The Texas Power Grid Is Worse Than You Think

The Failure Of The Texas Power Grid Is Worse Than You Think

Things are surreal here in Texas right now. From Dallas to San Antonio, century-old low temperature records were shattered almost every day this week. The state is blanketed in snow and ice, and the power grid has failed.

What began Sunday morning as an exciting novelty — six inches of snow in Central Texas — has devolved over the week into something more sinister. Four million Texans are now without power, many of them unable to drive on roads covered in ice and made impassable by snowfall.

There have been massive pile-ups on the interstates and highways, many of them fatal. Food is running low for some people, and lines outside grocery stores stretch into the hundreds. One friend told me more than 1,000 people were lined up outside a grocery store here in Austin. Austin has COVID capacity limits on people entering stores.

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Cities and towns across the state have issued notices to boil water, citing decreased pressure

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