The Deadly Consequences Of ‘Green’ Energy

The Deadly Consequences Of ‘Green’ Energy

This could happen in YOUR state.

According to reports from just about every major news outlet The Texas energy grid went down as a result of below freezing temperatures, and people have died as a result.

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Apparently, windmills do not spin in the freezing cold.

Who knew?

This situation is proof positive of the dangers of some of these ‘green energy’ technologies that are being pushed on us by Biden and leftists.

Will we use fossil fuels forever?


Is the answer to the fossil fuel issue building windmills everywhere?

Not a chance.

Should we all take a moment, and learn from this tragic experience?


Take a look:  

Tucker: Elites pushing 'green energy' are out of touch with America |

— Squidwards Clarinet (@Squidward3424) February 16, 2021

Fox News reported: 

The Green New Deal has come, believe it or not, to the

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