The Big Lie: The New York Times Bestseller List

The Big Lie: The New York Times Bestseller List

Last week, a familiar story played out in the book publishing world. A conservative book outsold every other book in the country — yet it was mysteriously left off the New York Times bestseller list. I don’t mean it wasn’t #1 on the Times list, I mean it wasn’t on the list at all.

This is deja vu all over again for conservatives. During my time at Regnery, we repeatedly experienced The New York Times’ curious definition of “bestselling,” which often resulted in conservative books landing lower on the list, or not on the list at all, despite actual sales.

The New York Times uses their own secret recipe for curating their bestseller list, a recipe they refuse to disclose, but which appears to rely on sales at reporting stores that perhaps once were, but no longer are, terribly representative of the country’s actual buying behavior. The keepers of the List also use discretion (read, finger on the scale) when factoring in sales at places like Amazon.

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