The Afghanistan Fiasco Is A Symptom Of A Greater Elite Problem

The Afghanistan Fiasco Is A Symptom Of A Greater Elite Problem

Perhaps the worst question in the most recent press conference by President Biden on Afghanistan was when a journalist asked whether Biden trusts the Taliban. Befuddled by the bizarre insinuation, Biden asked whether it was a serious question.

The unnamed journalist said it absolutely was, because if Biden does not trust the Taliban, why is he handing over the country to the Taliban? Biden incredulously answered that he doesn’t trust the Taliban, but it is not an American problem to solve.

The question exemplified the general quality of wisdom and talking points about foreign interventions prevalent among a certain section of the media. Afghanistan is not for America to give or keep. It is and has always been a semi-feudal society, where there never was a coherent state in the entirety of human history.

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The Taliban are aligned with Afghanistan’s majority Pashtun tribe, who can keep on waiting forever and eventually will achieve power. Most importantly, trust is not

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