‘Thanksgiving grandma’ celebrates holiday after husband dies from COVID

‘Thanksgiving grandma’ celebrates holiday after husband dies from COVID

The internet’s viral “Thanksgiving grandma” served turkey dinner early this year — and with her husband, who died of COVID-19, missing from the table.

Still, Wanda Dench welcomed for a fourth year her accidental “grandson,” Jamal Hinton, the young stranger who is now like family thanks to her famously misfired text.

Dench gained fame in 2016, after accidentally sending the then-17-year-old Hinton an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner — with a text she’d meant to send her actual grandson.

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Realizing her mistake, Dench and her husband, Lonnie, told the teen to come over anyway — and he did, that year and every year since.

Dench and Hinton, now 21, recently had Thanksgiving dinner in her Mesa, Ariz. home, CBS reported.

They remembered Lonnie Dench and talked about their four-year friendship.

“It’s going to be different, my first Thanksgiving without him,” Dench had told the New York Times.

“My husband was always right behind me, telling me how proud he was

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