Thai SEC says investors should have crypto trading experience

Thai SEC says investors should have crypto trading experience

Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission has clarified its guidelines to stipulate that those trading cryptocurrencies in the country should have some foundational knowledge.

In a Facebook Live video from the Thai SEC today, secretary-general Ruenvadee Suwanmongkol said the regulatory body’s proposed guidelines now say that people interested in investing in digital assets must have previous experience in crypto trading. She added that those new to the market should attend a cryptocurrency trading training course or pass a test to prove their knowledge.

Suwanmongkol said that the commission was organizing a free training course called Crypto 101 for investors who have no experience trading in cryptocurrencies. However, the measure of a traders’ abilities will reportedly not be based on income or financial status, but rather how they manage investment portfolios.

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The panel follows an announcement from the Thai SEC last month, in which a draft document hinted the commission would be imposing a 1 million baht — roughly $32,000 — minimum annual

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